Our approach

The first step of any consulting engagement is listening in order to learn about your organization. Who are you? What do you do well? How are you focusing your time and resources? How do you seek to focus your work?

Step two is considering how my skills and experience might strengthen your work. As a facilitator, I bring processes that engage Board and staff more deeply with the work and strategy of the organization. My skills in research and evaluation help organizations better understand how internal and external stakeholders perceive their work and how to focus messaging and strategy. And my perspective as a former foundation program officer has helped organizations get “out of the weeds” of their work, moving to big picture thinking that strengthens fundraising, communication, and overall effectiveness.

Together, we design a scope of work that will add value by surfacing important thinking about your organization, building greater investment in your organization and move the organization forward.  I am passionate about my work strengthening non-profit organizations, so, even as we grapple with challenging issues together, I aim to make the process positive and high-quality.